Our Suppliers

Suppliers Map - The Hog at Horsley

We source as much as possible from within a 15 mile radius. We found there was such a great choice of amazing food in this area, it was really easy and great fun looking at the fantastic meats, fish and cheese that the local farms and makers produce, just a stone’s throw from The Hog. All these local producers are fiercely passionate about the quality and provenance of the food and drink, as we are! This makes for a great working relationship and our customers appreciate the fact that we are committed to buying local.

Our Suppliers:

Curds and Whey

Owned by Lisa Stevens, who literally lives in the house across the road to The Hog, we did not have far to go to buy cheese! Lisa uses organic cream from the local Woefuldane Farm in Minchinhampton to make her cheese, and has a cheese maturing room where she carefully monitors the young cheeses, sometimes washing them in Chardonnay, for example. We are often featuring her new cheeses and also love to cook with them. Our favourite at the moment is ‘Cockel’s Cream’ brie!

Woodchester Organic Meats

Just a couple of miles down the road, Woodchester Meats supply their award-winning organic ham, sausages and pork to us. The ham, egg and chips is so popular! Every weekend we serve melting pulled pork in our Sunday Lunches, accompanied by a huge stash of home made crackling in huge jars on the bar. We also love their ham hocks to make terrines or a very retro ploughman’s platter, or belly pork with noodles. It’s great to know that the pigs are Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses, and reared and slaughtered just a few miles away.

Plenty Pies

Another local company from Woodchester, they serve an assortment of award-winning pies, from our favourite wild boar and chorizo to Tuscan vegetable, lovingly made by husband and wife team, Kate and Marc Birch.

Shortwood Beef

We often buy our beef from Tom at Shortwood, at Lower Lutheridge Farm, just down the hill from The Hog. The farm’s well-kept cattle have a great flavour and texture, especially when hung for 28 days. Delicious with Yorkshires and our fantastic gravy on a Sunday!

Horsley Sausages

A favourite on our menu, and made in Horsley to boot!

New Wave Fish

All our fish comes from a great local company, New Wave, from Cirencester. Our Fish Fridays are always packed, and our chefs have great fun experimenting, creating an exciting menu from whatever fresh fish New Wave have to offer, from squid and prawns to fresh turbot!

Dom’s Wild Mushrooms

Dom brings us amazing wild mushrooms every week from Stroud, where they are grown in recycled coffee grounds from the cafes of Stroud. From chanterelles to ceps to trompette de la mort, we feature them in our risottos and pasta dishes often, and even pickle baby ones!

Sherston Eggs

We buy all of our eggs from nearby Home Farm, Sherston, from Gail and Bruce. They are always free range and delicious!

Ruskin Mill

Nearby Ruskin Mill grows delicious vegetables, all grown biodynamically. It’s so great to have the freshest veg right there on our doorstep!

We operate a ‘by the back door’ policy, where anyone can pop up to see us at The Hog and offer any extra produce from their gardens or allotments. We love the variety and quality of the fresh fruit, herbs and veg we have been lucky enough to have this way. Rhubarb, figs and apples are a favourite!

Woefuldane Dairy

We buy our milk and cream from nearby award-winning Woefuldane Dairy in Minchinhampton. Melissa’s cream is made from the organic milk from her herd of cows often seen grazing on Minchinhampton Common, about a mile away from The Hog. Delicious!

Five Valleys Cordials

Chris and Becky from Stroud’s fabulous Five Valleys Cordials have been supplying us with their unique, delicious cordials for five years. We use them in our cocktails, cakes, salad dressings and of course just as cordials, mixed with sparkling water and plenty of ice!

Egghead Brewery

Our most local craft beer is one that we named ourselves, ‘Cobroller’ a colloquial name for a pig rolling around in an orchard. Giles, who lives in Barton End Horsley, brews this very popular ale and we can’t get enough of it!

Stroud Brewery

With their great strapline ‘beer from round here’, and consistently amazing products, the boys and girls at Stroud Brewery just never fail to come up with just the right mix of flavour, enjoyed by our customers all the time.

Bath Ales

A little further afield, we just couldn’t resist including the wonderful Bath Ales in our repertoire.